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Hand Car Wash Berwick

H2O Berwick Hand Wash is an eco-friendly, hand car wash and detailing service based in Berwick. Our company was founded back in 2018 by a team of experts with more then 10 years of professional car wash experience. We operate car washes throught Berwick area. Our goal is to provide our customers with the most friendliest, most convenient hand car wash experience possible. We use the most modern and up-to-date water reclamation modules as a part of our car wash systems. Our products are all biodegradable and eco-friendly. we use only auto Klean brand.

The Best Car Wash
  • We offer multiple services at a great value
  • Single car wash locations in Berwick
  • Biodegradable and eco-friendly products
  • Pay for your wash electronically and securely
  • Trained and skilled car wash crew members
Contacting Us
  • We are very open and easy to reach company
  • Our email is checked hourly during the day
  • Book an appointment online for your car wash
  • Contact us on 03 97020770
  • You can book your appointment via Facebook and Website

Our Services

H2O Hand Car Wash is offering a wide range of washing services to the car owners including the top wash to entire internal detailing or whether a paint protection treatment
  • 1. Car Wash
  • 2. Car Detailing
  • 3. New Car Protection
  • 4. Interior Detailing

We are committed to offering quality support, service and  customer satisfaction at an incredible incentive in Berwick areas offering helpful hours.

Organic products

Our products are environmentally friendly, and they are all organic interior materials. We use less than one gallon of totally zero-waste water.

Experienced Team

Our crew members are totally prepared and qualified and are completely equipped with equipment and supplies required that we can deliver the best results.

Great Value

To fulfill your needs,We provide multiple services at a great value and We offer a top class service while saving your money.

Latest Projects

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Our customers love us
  • I just got a deluxe wash package and interior shampoo and was blown away by the quality and detail of the service. I couldn't be happier and have recommend friends and family members to stop by for the best hand car wash in Berwick.

    Dotti Newman
    Audi Q5
  • I think H2O hand car wash is the best car washers ever. Love the price, convenience and customer service. When I have time and want to vacuum myself, it is easy and cheap. They provide towels and spray to wash the windows and I wash my dash. Thanks so much.

    David Magnus
    Nissan Titan X5
  • Finally a car wash that does pay attention to the detail. I have a little extra time and money and I let them do the full detail and it always has turned out great. I use them all the time and now with pollen season upon us, they will be seeing my car even more often.

    Josh Williams
    Toyota Avensis
Call Us At

+03 970 20 770

Our Address

H2O Hand Car Wash
252-258C Clyde road
Berwick 3806

Working hours

8.30am -5pm
Monday to Sunday